1-Hour Payday Loans By Phone

16 Sep
1-Hour Payday Loans By Phone

As the borrowers search for 1-hour payday loans, it becomes obvious, how quickly they need cash and that’s why we offer 1-hour payday loans by phone. Our online lenders don’t extend the processing of the loan with hard pulls and annoying paperwork. The majority of the lenders consider the borrower's stable income rather than reviewing their previous credit defaults. 

Basic Facts About 1-Hour Payday Loans

  • Payday loans are also known as paycheck loans and cash advances. They are exactly as they sound “paycheck,” as you get the loan and repay it on your paycheck that may be somewhere between two to five months. 
  • Payday loan amounts range from $100-$2500 depending on state regulations, lenders’ disposition, the borrower’s income level, etc. 
  • Note that in some states, payday lending is prohibited. Thus, before applying for a paycheck loan, it would be right to check your state laws.
  • Cash advances are usually unsecured loans; therefore, the borrowers don’t need to back up their loan with any asset. 

1-Hour Payday Loans By Phone

How Can I Get Quick Payday Loans?

The process of getting a payday loan by phone or any other Internet-supported device is very convenient and quick. You just fill out the required information that takes minutes. After you are done with the loan submission process, you will get feedback from one of the lenders cooperating with our platform. The next step is signing a loan agreement. Be informed that you are not obliged to sign it, and in the case of finding any unclear point or any term you do not agree with, you can cancel the agreement. And the last step is getting the money directly deposited into your checking account. When the money is at your disposal, you are free to spend it the way you like: you can pay the bills, cover emergencies, make some minor renovations, etc.     

Good Credit Score is Not That Essential

In most cases, the borrowers with bad or poor credit scores (350-579 according to FICO score) have limited access to traditional lending products (bank loans). Nevertheless, these bad credit borrowers can still take avail of online payday loans. Instead of relying on previous credit history, online lenders employ alternative data, such as the borrowers’ income level, to assess their creditworthiness. Thus, quick payday loans are available handy solutions to combat unexpected expenses irrespective of credit score.

What Should the Borrowers Know Before Getting Payday Loans?

If you want to benefit from payday loans rather than snowballing your debts, you should remember that these types of borrowings are for emergencies and you should adhere to them only as a last resort. First, carefully read all the terms of the loan agreement, and make sure all the points are clear to you, the APRs are disclosed, and the repayment terms are convenient to you. Then, thoroughly calculate your expenses throughout the month to ensure you can pay the loan back when the repayment date is due. Or otherwise, you will be charged extra fees for late payments.